Our story

Jenny, our founder, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease as a teenager and knows first-hand the effects an unhealthy gut can have on a person's health. She has also experienced the healing power of food and knows that a diet rich in gut healthy ingredients can transform a person's life.

Let food be your medicine, and eat your way to better health, with Belly!

Our Mission

At Belly, we know the importance of a healthy gut. And we've made it our mission to develop products that leave your belly better than we found it. 

Our baking mixes are free of most major allergens, grains, preservatives, natural flavors and all the other stuff that has no place in your food. We use real ingredients (that you can pronounce!) and a host of belly superfoods including grass-fed bovine collagen peptides. 


    We use type I and type III grass-fed bovine collagen peptides in all of our baking mixes.  Collagen peptides are full of amino acids that support healthy tissue, including that of the digestive tract. Did we mention type I collagen peptides are also great for hair, skin & nails? An added benefit we're not mad about!

  • Gut friendly flour

    The backbone of every baking mix is the flour, and that's what makes our baking mixes so unique! We ditched the common baking flour for gut-friendly cassava and coconut flour. These grain-free flour alternatives are easy to digest, allergen-friendly and contribute to the light, fluffy texture you want from your baked goods. 

  • Coconut sugar

    When it comes to sugar, the benefits of some forms are sweeter than others. That's why we opted for organic, fair-trade coconut sugar to sweeten our mixes. Made from the coconut blossoms of coconut trees, this natural sweetener contains iron and potassium and is less likely to spike your blood sugar.